UPDATE: 0600hrs on Tuesday 26 January 2021

Northport has instructed staff and port users to take the following steps given the announcement on Sunday 24 January of a case of COVID-19 in the Northland community, and details of the infected person’s travel in the local vicinity. 

  • All non-essential visits to the Northport facility should be postponed or cancelled
  • All non-essential off-site meetings should be postponed or cancelled
  • All paperwork must be transferred electronically, with no person-to-person contact.
  • QR codes must be used wherever available, including entry into the port and entry to Northport buildings. Informal meetings should be conducted outdoors if possible.
  • The Northport H&S Officer will carry out a daily temperature check of all members of the Northport Ltd team. We recommend that other companies using the Northport facility do the same.
  • Northport car-pooling is temporarily suspended. We ask that other port-user companies implement appropriate measures for their teams with regards to travel.

Northport has protocols in place for interaction with international crews and for all National Alert Levels, including the current Alert Level 1. These can be found on our website or via this link: https://northport.co.nz/mediapg

The Alert Level 1 protocols have not changed in the past few months and focus on the following simple rules: stay at home and get tested if you show COVID symptoms, social distance, wash your hands and contact trace.