Truck Booking for Container Dispatch

Welcome to Northports Truck Booking system. Here you can book a time slot to pick up a container at Northport.

Antwerp Bridge container dispatch from Northport commences: 06:00 Tuesday, 10th August 2021.

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Our container dispatch hours are 06:00-18:00 Monday - Friday from 10th August. We will be closed Saturday and Sunday.

This Truck Booking system will be open for bookings from approx 10:00hrs Monday, 9th August 2021. The system displays available time slots. Once a time slot has been booked it will no longer display.

Please ensure that ALL releases have been cleared before making a booking.   This can be confirmed here: Containers| Northport    

PLEASE NOTE THAT WE WILL BE CLOSED ON WEDNESDAY 18 AUGUST 2021 FOR CONTAINER COLLECTIONS.                                                                         

All bookings must be for specific, cleared containers.  Northport reserves the right to cancel bookings without notice should companies not comply with these rules.

Please provide sufficient information (ie Fleet ID, Truck Reg) in the booking and have the driver present suitable documention on arrival to allow release of the container(s). 



Enquiries can be made to