20 December 2021 - New operating protocols introduced at Northport

December 20, 2021

Northport Ltd has put into operation a three-tier ‘Precaution Level’ system that outlines operating protocols in all of its buildings and facilities at the port, regardless of the level Northland is at with the national COVID Protection Framework (‘traffic light system’) at any given time.

The new precaution level system applies only to buildings and facilities operated by Northport Ltd and staffed by its employees. It does not impact other organisations based or operating at the port. These companies have been asked by Northport to undertake their own assessments and put their own operating procedures in place for each stage of the ‘traffic light system’.

A My COVID Vaccine pass will be needed at every tier of the precaution level system by anyone wanting to enter a Northport Ltd building or a facility operated by the company and staffed by its employees.

The new system complements the protocols of the COVID protection framework but provides Northport Ltd with a ‘way of being’ that is highly specific to its own environment.

For instance, if Northland is at ‘Green’ in the traffic light system but we have a case of COVID on the port then the ‘Green’ protocols will obviously not be appropriate for us. In such a case we would introduce our strictest precaution level to protect everyone in our own immediate environment.

Similarly, if Northland is at ‘Red’ because we have a low vaccination rate, but we also have no community cases and very little risk of COVID transmission, there’s no sense in having a very strict set of operating protocols in place. In this case we might work to our least restrictive set of precautions.

Northport Ltd has introduced the new precaution level system at its ‘medium’ setting. This is because the region as a whole is at ‘Red’ in the COVID protection framework and because there is a reasonably high risk of community transmission as people from all around the country travel into Northland for the summer break.

The precaution level system was designed to help Northport Ltd ensure business continuity in an environment where COVID is endemic within the community.

As the country learns to live with COVID businesses must be able to manage their way through very localised levels of infection that may not trigger a change in the ‘traffic light system’. Our new precaution levels give us that ability and flexibility.

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