Ships to ship bunkers can be ordered from Z Energy


Contact Details:

Z Energy Ltd       www.z.co.nz

Email:                  Marine@z.co.nz

Phone:                 0800-474-355 (select option 2 & then option 3)


Information Required

  · ETA & ETD

  · Quantities of 380cst HBFO &/or MGO

  · Vessel Name


Awanuia – Technical Details

  · Double hulled configuration for safety

  · Bow and stern thrusters for additional manoeuvrability

  · Capacities:  2,900MT of 380cst heavy fuel oil and 650MT of marine gas oil   

  · Length 79.9m, Breadth 15m, Moulded Depth 8.0m

  · Nominal pump rates of 400t per hour per pump for 380cst, and up to 750mt per hour capability

  · Simultaneous MGO & HBFO delivery

  · Daylight hour bunkers only

  · New Zealand Flagged