Northport extends training options for NZ marine services sector

February 12, 2021

Training options for the New Zealand marine services sector have broadened considerably thanks to a navigation simulator and training facility we have established on site here at Northport. It can be used for a wide range of maritime training programmes and gives operators options beyond sending staff to Australia for training and aptitude testing, or enduring long waits for training windows in New Zealand.

The simulator replicates the environment on the bridge of a ship or tug, or in a local port service centre.

The facility can be configured to simulate any port in New Zealand. It enables pilots, tug-masters, and local port service operators to train and prepare for changes to their operating environment such as the development of new berths or changes to channels and turning basins. We are currently reviewing proposed navigation aid changes in the Upper Whangarei Harbour.

The system can also be used as part of a port’s emergency response training.

We are offering a range of training courses for up to six people at a time. These include Local Port Services courses; pilot professional development and annual assessment; bridge resource management and error management; PPU training; and tugmaster and bargemaster training.

We can also provide crane operator training and aptitude testing.