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UPDATE: 1000hrs on Wednesday 21 October 2020

Northport is aware of concerns surrounding the COVID-19 status of ships’ crews calling at New Zealand ports. We share community conviction that processes and procedures, in place to prevent transmission of COVID-19 through our vital marine trade and supply links, should be scrutinised and enforced rigorously.

We continue to operate the port according to very clear and very strict procedures. These have served us well at all alert levels and we have no reason to believe that they will not continue to do so.

Northport and NZ Customs are enforcing national standards and...

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UPDATE: 1200hrs on Wednesday 12 August

PDF icon Northport Facility Covid 19 Protocols for Alert Level 2 Rev 1 August 2020.pdf

Northport has issued further COVID 19 protocols to cover Operations at Alert Level 2.


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UPDATE: 1600hrs on Monday 8 June

The New Zealand government announced today that all current COVID-19-related rules and restrictions on businesses and services will be lifted when the country moves to Public Health Alert Level One at midnight tonight.

Northport will observe rigorously, and expects all companies operating at the Northport facility to follow, the ‘golden rules’ of Level One:

  • all staff will be required to stay home if ill (no Kiwi staunchness will be tolerated)
  • staff with cold or flu-like symptoms will be asked to undertake a test for COVID-19
  • anybody working at the port...
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UPDATE: 1800hrs on Tuesday 12 May

The Port Facility Health and Safety Committee (comprising Northport Ltd staff and representatives of the port services companies operating at Northport) met last week to discuss site-wide conditions for Public Health Alert Level Two.

It was decided that the basic principles of physical distancing and enhanced hygiene and sanitisation that have been adopted at Northport throughout Levels Four and Three will continue to be mandated and policed by companies operating at the facility for the foreseeable future.

However, there will now be a level of individual discretion regarding...

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UPDATE: 1200hrs on Thursday 30 April

Northport has been operating along strict Public Health Alert Level Three operational guidelines since 11.59pm on Monday this week. Contactless procedures have been implemented and full contact-tracing is in place.


Companies that stopped operations at Northport at Alert Level Four have resumed their activity here. People working for these companies have joined those who were working here throughout Level Four to ensure that operations are managed...

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UPDATE: 1900hrs on Thursday 23 April

Northport has issued further Covid-19 Protocols.  These cover return to work for those companies who ceased operations at Alert Level 4 and protocols for all operations at the Facility at Alert Level 3.

Northport Facility Covid 19 Protocols Rev 0 - April 2020

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UPDATE: 1200hrs on Wednesday 22 April

Northport Ltd welcomes and supports the decision announced by the government to return to Public Health Alert Level Three at midnight on Monday next week.

We are expecting an increase in imports and exports through Northport at Level Three. However, it is unclear at this stage what products these will be, or the volumes involved. We do expect log deliveries to re-commence but cannot be specific at this stage about anticipated volumes.

Accordingly, we have developed an operational plan that will enable us, and everyone who works at the port, to work safely at Level Three. This...

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UPDATE: 1400hrs on Saturday 28 March

Northport continues to work with authorities, shipping companies, stevedoring and other port service providers to identify and prioritise freight deemed as essential.

These include kiwifruit exports, cement for essential infrastructure construction projects, animal feed, fertilisers for agriculture and horticulture, and liquid CO2 used in the food and drink industry and to support Northland’s dairy plants and water treatment facilities.  

Ministry of Transport agree that it is important to free up wharf space for possible future storage of essential imports, or to assist the...

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UPDATE: 1700hrs on Wednesday 25 March

As we enter Public Health Alert Level 4 this evening we’d like to take this opportunity to outline how Northport plans to operate over the next four weeks, and potentially beyond. Of course, the situation remains fluid and largely uncertain, so we will provide updates if and when any developments result in changes to what we outline below.

Northport is designated an essential service under law (Civil Defence Management Act 2002), a status that was reiterated in the MOT communication ‘Essential Services at Level 4 : Transport’, dated 23 March 2020. With this designation in mind we...

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UPDATE: 1500hrs on Monday 23 March

New Zealand has today escalated its Public Health Alert Level from Level 2 to Level 3, with a pending escalation on Wednesday this week to Level 4.

Ports are classed as essential services under the NZ Civil Defence Emergency Management Act 2002. Northport will undertake whatever trade requirements the NZ Government imposes or allows. Additionally the port will continue to operate the Local Port Service enabling the safe passage of tankers and dry-cargo vessels transiting Whangarei Harbour. 

We will update this webpage as soon as we have a better understanding of what freight...

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We welcome genuine media enquiries and will do our best to provide requested information promptly and efficiently.

For media enquiries please contact:

Peter Heath
Due North Public Relations
P: 021 456 089

Channel 19 Issue 6

PDF icon Issue 6 September 2017
  • Northport lands steel for high-profile Auckland building projects
  • Processed Pine from the top of the North
  • Honourable discharge for coastal icon

Channel 19 Issue 5

PDF icon Issue 5 December 2016
  • Northport launches coastal link
  • Flexibility helps Lodestar lessen risk
  • Crane lift tests teamwork

Channel 19 Issue 4

PDF icon Issue 4 July 2016
  • Local Port Service boosts marine safety
  • Northport appoints new forestry manager
  • Finance team helps shape direction

Channel 19 Issue 3

PDF icon Issue 3 December 2015
  • Crane swings into action
  • Crane operator appointed
  • New tug christened 'Marsden Bay'

Channel 19 Issue 2

PDF icon Issue 2 July 2015
  • Channel profiled in full 3D
  • New Health and Safety Officer
  • Eastland brings debarker north

Channel 19 Issue 1

PDF icon Issue 1 November 2014
  • Northport gets Bunkering
  • New operations manager
  • Work boat takes to the water

We welcome genuine media enquiries and will do our best to provide requested information promptly and efficiently.

For media enquiries please contact:

Peter Heath
Due North Public Relations
P: 021 456 089

Update: loading of containers from Constantinos P

12 December 2020

Northport has reduced its container loading rate as of 1300hrs today (Saturday 12 December). Its forklift drivers have reached their maximum number of working hours under Northport’s fatigue management policy and only one forklift driver is able to remain on duty up until 1500hrs. This is the time at which Northport has been advising trucking companies since Wednesday this week that its container-loading operations would stop until 0600 on Monday 14 December.

“Our staff have been absolute heroes this week, with many pulling very long hours in...

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Fire at Northport

5 December 2020

At 11.10am today a fire broke out in the vicinity of the port conveyor system and some adjacent packets of LVL timber.

The Ruakaka Volunteer Fire Brigade and the Refining NZ Emergency Services team were called and responded immediately. Our sincere thanks go out to these teams for their professional and effective response.

There were no injuries as a result of this incident and the port’s emergency response procedures worked as designed.

The fire was extinguished quickly. It was situated some distance from normal operations,...

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Constantinos P (container ship) call at Northport

4 December 2020

The largest vessel to call at Northport to date is scheduled to tie up around mid-day on Sunday 6 December. Her cargo includes items that will make their way into Christmas stockings and under Christmas trees all across New Zealand.

‘Constantinos P’, a 261m,  67,906 max displacement, gearless container ship, is carrying about 1,340 containers bound for Auckland that otherwise would not make it into the shops in time for Christmas due to congestion at other ports around the country. She is operating under a Vessel Sharing Agreement between four...

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Tandem lift in Northland sends Auckland ferry pontoon on its way

30 November 2020

Two pontoon modules for the new ferry terminal in central Auckland were lowered into Whangarei harbour today in carefully-orchestrated tandem lifts involving Northport’s two mobile harbour cranes. They were among the last of nine modules built by Ruakaka-based SPIIND Industrial Engineers at its facility on Marsden Point Road, all of which were put into the water at Northport and towed by tug to Auckland.

The finished units were transported to a dedicated facility near the port, built by SPIIND with the help of commercial and industrial land-...

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COVID-19 Updates

23 March 2020

Northport Ltd will provide operational status updates relating to COVID-19 via the COVID-19 tile which can be found at the top right-hand corner of the homepage on its website.

- ends -

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Transport infrastructure investment

31 January 2020

Northport Ltd welcomes announcements by the government that significant investment is to be made in road and rail links in Northland.

Efficient transport links are vital for the entire region to realise its full economic potential and we will support any development that seeks to achieve this.

We are delighted that a national discussion is being had about realising the full economic potential of our region, and that aspirations for our region are being enabled with significant and meaningful infrastructural investment.

Ports don’...

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Northport upgrades container-handling capability

22 January 2020

Northport Ltd has purchased its second harbour mobile crane to support a growing container trade and to provide increased resilience for dedicated container vessels using the port.  The company has also acquired a $250,000 crane simulator from CM Labs and two new Kalmar terminal tractors to move containers to and from shipside.

The Konecranes Gottwald Model 6 Mobile Harbour Crane (G HMK 6507 variant) can serve container vessels up to post-Panamax class. Its maximum lifting capacity of 125 tons extends Northport’s flexibility in handling...

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STATEMENT: Release of UNISCS Working Group Final Report

12 December 2019

The Board of Northport Ltd has welcomed the publication of the final report by the Upper North Island Supply Chain Strategy Working Group.

Northport Ltd Chairman Murray Jagger said:

“Northport has a very clear vision of the role it can play in the economic growth of Northland, Auckland and New Zealand.

“Significant growth is possible here. We have been clear for many years that we stand ready to assist in any way we can to support Auckland’s growth and the aspirations that Aucklanders have for their waterfront.

“We have...

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SailGP set to return to NZ for training ahead of Season 2

19 November 2019

SailGP will return to New Zealand’s Northland region for testing and training ahead of its second season of racing next year. Six F50 catamarans were raced in the successful inaugural season this year and organisers will test the event’s seventh boat in Whangarei Harbour between now and the end of January, using Northport in Marsden Point as the operational base.

The record-breaking boats are designed, developed and built at Core Builders Composites in Warkworth, New Zealand. The seventh F50 has been in production there since March and will...

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Response: PGF rail investment

6 September 2019

Northport Ltd welcomes today’s announcement by the Minister of Regional Economic Development, Shane Jones, about government’s intention to invest $94.8 million through the Provincial Growth Fund for upgrading the rail line between Swanson and Whangarei.

Northport Ltd is of the view that efficient transport links are vital for the entire region to realise its full economic potential and will support any development that seeks to achieve this.

“This is a red-letter day for Northland and an important step towards an integrated transport...

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Geotech tests: Marsden Point spur line

31 January 2019

Northport Ltd is delighted that the geotechnical tests for the Marsden Point spur line have taken place and we look forward to the results.

Efficient transport links are vital for the entire region to realise its full economic potential and we will support wholeheartedly any development that seeks to achieve this.

We continue to work with Kiwi Rail, existing and potential customers, and other stakeholders such as local government, to explore the full potential for a Marsden Point spur line and to assess how it might complement the...

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Maintenance dredging at Northport

4 January 2019

Maintenance dredging will take place at Northport next week for the first time in 17 years. Work to remove sediment build-up in the ship turning basin near Snake Bank, along Northport’s linear berth and at Refining NZ’s Jetty 1 berth pocket will start on 7 January and continue for most of the month.

Northport stressed that the work has nothing to do with either its vision for growth, unveiled earlier this year, or Refining NZ’s channel deepening programme.

“The operation will be highly visible so we wanted to head off at the pass any...

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SailGP sea trials set for Northland

4 October 2018

SailGP’s new-class wingsailed F50 catamarans will be tested from mid-October in Northland. The region will become the central technical and development hub for the production and delivery of some of the most advanced boats in the world.

Designed and constructed by New Zealand’s Core Builders Composites, the F50 is a one-design class, and is a redesigned, supercharged incarnation of the exceptional AC50 used for the 35th America’s Cup last year. Core Builders Composites is the official boat supplier for SailGP and will also provide...

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New shipping link a great opportunity for Northland business

20 April 2018

The first containers to be used on a new direct shipping service between Whangarei, Brisbane and Singapore were delivered to Northport today aboard a vessel named, appropriately, Northern Diplomat. The seasonal fortnightly shipping service is being offered to Northland businesses by Mediterranean Shipping Company (MSC), a global leader in sea cargo transportation and logistics, and will improve sea freight transit times for local importers and exporters.

Customers already signed up to use the service include Northland growers of kiwifruit and...

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Northport marks 15th anniversary with vision for growth

PDF icon Media Release

24 November 2017

Northport Ltd is celebrating its 15th anniversary. Cargo volumes at Marsden Point have more than doubled since the port opened in 2002 to a record 3.64 million tonnes last financial year. Ship calls have increased from 93 a year to 250 a year over that period, with berth occupancy now at a record 66.4 percent, up from 52.9 percent just five years ago.

The company, a 50/50 joint venture between Marsden Maritime Holdings Ltd and Port of Tauranga, is marking these milestones by launching a public...

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Northport welcomes planned SH1 upgrades

6 March 2017

Northport Ltd welcomes and supports the announcement last week by Minister of Transport Simon Bridges that 22km of State Highway 1 south of Whangarei is to be widened in the largest roading project yet undertaken in Northland.

The announcement sends a positive message regarding central government’s support for economic growth in Northland and recognises the vital role that Northport has to play in this.

The fact that State Highway 1 is to be upgraded southwards from Whangarei at the same time as northwards from Puhoi demonstrates an admirable degree of...

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Channel change for harbour radio

21 September 2016

Whangarei Harbour Radio will change its radio frequency this weekend (from midnight on Friday 23 September) to VHF channel 11. A listening watch will be maintained on the existing channel 19 for a week but this will be switched over to Coastguard New Zealand on Saturday 1 October.

Northport, which manages the harbour’s shipping operations centre, is urging skippers of commercial vessels and all local boaties who use Whangarei Harbour Radio to make note of the frequency change.

Whangarei Harbour Radio facilitates commercial marine operations in Bream...

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More talks needed on Auckland port study: Northport

PDF icon NP040.pdf

8 July 2016

Northport Limited has welcomed the Auckland Development Committee’s decision to refer to the incoming Auckland Council the conclusions and recommendations of its Port Future Study, released earlier this week.

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New crane will streamline Northland freight traffic

28 April 2015

New crane will streamline Northland freight traffic

Northport is to purchase a $5 million mobile crane for delivery by the end of the year, giving it the ability for the first time to load dedicated container vessels. The move will give Northland businesses the opportunity to access international container vessels without having to ship freight by road to or from other North Island ports.

The Marsden Point facility will become initially a low-volume ‘feeder’ port for container traffic destined for export from North Island ports currently served by...

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Response to statement by the NZ Taxpayers’ Union

19 March 2015

The New Zealand Taxpayers’ Union has claimed today that Northport “does not want a rail link” and that a rail link “does not feature in the Port's 30 year plan."

Our position has always been, and remains, that while rail is not a short-term priority for Northport we support the designation of the rail corridor as it does fit with our strategy of long-term growth. 

There is a subtle difference between this position and that reported by the NZ Taxpayers’ Union. 

It is correct that neither Mr Peters nor any member of New Zealand First has visited...

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New Northport work-boat a boost for local boat-builder

Boaties and boat-watchers on and around Whangarei Harbour will notice a new and unusual addition to regular marine traffic. Northport has a new work-boat, an 8.5m aluminium catamaran called Manaia, built to the port’s specifications by Whangarei aluminium pontoon boat builder Blackdog Cat Boats. She was launched on 31 July at Marsden Cove Marina where she will be stored.

Northport’s marine team will use Manaia for on-water maintenance of navigation aids from the harbour entrance to Golden Bay Cement at Portland. She will help the port maintain the Dynamic Under-Keel Clearance (...

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Northport appoints Operations Manager

Northport has appointed an Operations Manager. David Finchett has more than 20 years of experience in senior operations, project and technical roles on high value, safety critical and complex sites. Before joining Northport he was the infrastructure and Operations Manager at the Trawsfynydd nuclear power station in Wales.


His early career involved working with the Royal Navy’s nuclear submarine fleet.


David is a Chartered Engineer and a Fellow of the Institution of Mechanical Engineers, and holds an Honours Degree in Engineering Science from...

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Forestry takes Northport Limited to record highs

Northport, the deep-water port at the mouth of Whangarei harbour, has posted record cargo volumes and ship movements for the year ending 30 June. Tonnage across the wharf grew by 13.5 percentover the previous year to 3.095 million revenue tonnes.


The port saw 253 ship calls, 38 more than the previous year. Occupancy of Northport’s existing berths is at a record 52.9 percent.


Logs and wood-chip comprise most of the cargo handled by Northport and a record 13 log exporters now use the facility. More logs were shipped from Northport in the year ending...

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New light boosts harbour safety


The brightest ‘sector’ navigation light in Australasia was switched on today at the entrance to Whangarei Harbour. The$300,000 navigation aid, commissioned and installed by Northport, is one of the top 10 brightest sector lights globally. It replaces one which was 26 years old and only bright enough to operate at night.


The new light is at the tip of Marsden Point, on the seaward side of Refining NZ’s plant. It is visible from five nautical miles during daylight hours and 10 nautical miles at night. It improves the ability of ships to navigate their way...

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Northport's weather data goes public

17 May 2012

Press Release
For Immediate Release


Northport’s weather and tide monitoring to be shared with boaties


Weather and wave data collected through Northport’s telemetry system is now available on Northport’s website, ...

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Northport Set to Install 2nd Wave Rider Buoy

1st April 2012 - Northport

Northport has ordered a 2nd Wave Rider Buoy (WRB) from Axys Technologies in Canada. After several months of planning and analysis, the green light was given to the operation in late 2011 from the board of Directors, for a purchase to be made in the New Year.

The WRB plays a critical role in the ports Dynamic Under Keel Clearance system (DUKC). This system is used to determine if a ship can safely transit the harbour or not. The new buoy will be working alongside the current buoy to...

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Corrosion Study

Terminal Facilities Manager Greg Blomfield (BSurv) has conducted a study on the many types of corrosion that can affect the port's piling and structures.

This was recently published in Corrosion and Materials Magazine and you can read his article here>>

If you would like to know more about where this project is going, or how you may be able to help out, please contact...

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