Watch Out For Me & Keep Clear


Watch Out for Me and Keep Clear!!

The two Wave Rider Buoy's (WRB) are a vital piece of equipment for shipping operations at Marsden Point.

The WRB's play a key role in the ports Dynamic Under Keel Clearance system (DUKC). This system is used to determine if a ship can safely transit the harbour, when deep draft or in heavy weather.

It is extremely important that all vessels keep a good lookout for these buoy and stay well clear, the area is marked as prohibited by the Harbourmaster.

These buoy's is very robust and able to withstand in excess of 50kn winds and swells of 10m +. A maximum wave height of 8.7m was recorded in the 3rd March 2012 storm.

Even though these buoy's are designed for the extreme elements of the open ocean, it cannot with stand contact with vessels to its dome or fouling of its delicate mooring system by anchors. As shown in the photograph below the mooring consists of a specially designed 15m bungee cord which aids in the measurement of the conditions, this bungee can be easily damaged by fishing hooks or moorings.

Please keep a good lookout for these buoy's and stay well clear.

Any damage to these buoy's or there mooring's could result in a vessel being placed into unnecessary danger.

If you see any vessel anchored near or to the buoy or if any damage is visable please call Northport 09 432 5018 (24hrs).


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