Northport Terminal


Instructions to Masters and Emergency Information

Ship's on arrival at the Pilot station recieve a copy of the Instructions to Masters and Emergency Information. This booklet comprises of the important information a master requires about this facility during their stay. 

A copy can be viewed here.

The Ship's agent will also hand deliver a Notice to Master and Crew, regarding pedestrian access and travel to and from the Seafares Club.

A copy can be viewed here.


The Northport Terminal

The facility at Northport comprises of a 570m linear berth fitted with Fentex fendering. Ships can be berthed with a 5m overhang at the Western end and a 10m overhang at the Eastern end. An existing jetty of 134m linear with minimum depth of 7.8m at chart datum is available for general cargo. Northport maintains 47 x 100 tonnes bollards and 12 x recessed storm bollards set behind the berth apron.

For further technical information on our Fentex Fendering.

For further technical informtion regarding our bollards.




                                                                    Northport as seen from the North West

Northport Facility Plan



                                                         Fentex Fenders and 100tonne Bollards                                        


For further information please see the Port Information and Operating Criteria for Shipping Operations at Northport in the Port Information section.