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Northport Weather

Last Update: 01/06/2016 03:22:00 pm

Berth 2

Wind Speed: 5.58 Kn
Wind Direction: 133.7 °

Tug Jetty

Tide Level: 2.529 m
Wind Speed: 4.56 Kn
Wind Direction: 87 °

Wave Rider Buoy A

Max Wave: 0 m
Average wave (sig): 0 m
Average period: 8 s
Wave Direction: 14.5 °
Water Temp: 14.9 °

Admin Building

Wind Speed: 4.1 Kn
Wind Direction: 82.2 °
Air Temp: 14.77 °
Humidity: 71.41 %
Barometer: 1013 hp
Rain Fall: 0 mm

Wave Rider Buoy B

Max Wave: 0.44 m
Average Wave (sig): 0.2 m
Average Period: 6.1 s
Wave Direction: 48.4 °
Disclaimer: While every effort is made to ensure the accuracy of this information, Northport Ltd accepts no liability for any loss or damage caused by errors or omissions with respect to this information.

What is this Data Showing You?

The data is a snap shot of the metrological and hydrographical data Northport gathers as part of the ports daily operations. This data is sent at 5 minute intervals from the metrological stations and the tide gauge, but the Wave Rider Buoy's send updates at 30 minute intervals.

This web page updates every 4 minutes and the time and date stamp at the top right corner will give you the last time the page was last updated.

The WRB's are located 60m apart and are recording the same data, but are off set to record at 15 minute interval apart, this is why some times one buoy may read slightly higher recordings than the other one. The thermostats are not ultra sensitive and only have a tolerance of +/- .5 degree celsius, this means that both buoys could be reading a total of 1 degree celsius difference.

The Tug Jetty, Berth 2 and Admin Building sites are located at three different heights, meaning that the wind speed and direction will differ between the three.  The Berth 2 site is the highest at 38m and has clear undisturbed air, both other sites are at 7m and 11m respectivley.

Should you see an N/A next to any field, this means that the data is not available.  This could be caused by a componentry failure or internal error.

Should you have any questions or queries please feel free to contact Jae Staite at Northport on 09 432 5010.


Shipping Movements

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