Aerial images show Auckland-bound containers ready for collection

April 6, 2021

We bade a fond farewell to the 'Constantinos P' at 2030hrs on Easter Sunday. From Northport's perspective it was an extremely successful call. Our two mobile harbour cranes undertook 1,364 container moves - 1,116 discharged for Auckland and 248 handled as DLRs (Discharge/Load/Restow). 

The job went exceptionally well; our team performed to an extremely high standard and finished unloading well ahead of pre-arrival estimates.

These images show the unloaded containers awaiting dispatch, a process that will start from 0700hrs tomorrow (Wednesday 7 April). Our dispatch operating hours are between 0700-1900hrs Monday to Friday, with personnel available for longer in the event of delayed trucks. We will not be open for dispatch on the weekend of 10-11th April.

We understand that Kiwirail is offering some capacity for containers moving to Auckland, including transport from the port to the railhead. Organisations interested in this option should contact KiwiRail directly.