Paperless weighbridges in operation at Northport

April 13, 2021

We have added some new technology to our weighbridges.  The system automatically reads number plates and uses this to link the weight to the relevant scaling data. 

Drivers enter their truck registration into the C3 or ISO pre-advice app, along with other data. Trucks are then scaled and data sent to the weighbridge by the ISO and C3 systems. When a truck drives onto the weighbridge a camera reads the number plate which is shown on a display – normally before the truck has even stopped. The system then weighs the truck and its trailer, the weights are displayed (see video above) and the truck can then drive off. 

The entire process takes just a few seconds.

Drivers can have an SMS message sent to their phones once the weigh is complete, providing information on tare, gross and nett weights. This is normally received while they are still sitting on the bridge.  Reports are also sent to trucking companies, forest owners and other parties in in whatever electronic form they choose, and as frequently as required.

The system is generating significant efficiencies for logging trucks entering the facility. The process is significantly quicker and has eliminated delays caused by drivers leaving their cabs to enter data and obtain printed dockets. Not leaving the cab also eliminates the possibility of slips, trips and falls and safeguards against the spread of disease or infection as drivers no longer have to enter data on screens used by others.

This system has been working on our western weighbridge for logs for some time and will shortly be used on our eastern weighbridge for bulk cargoes too.

We own our weighbridges but the software and reporting, including this system, is provided by Weighing and Measuring Solutions (WMS).  WMS also manages our on-port gantries.