C3 and Pedersen Group install debarker at Northport

April 3, 2023

Stevedoring firm C3 and forestry processing specialist Pedersen Group have installed a debarker at Northport to process logs exported from Northland.

The companies have been working to create end-to-end solutions under one umbrella for their customers since 2018.

The equipment is owned and installed by Pedersen Group, and operated by C3. Pedersen provides staff with expert training. Commissioning and staff training started in the first quarter of 2023, with the plant entering full commercial operation this month (April 2023).

A key component of this operation is a Nicholson A5 Series High Speed 27" Single Ring Debarker unit, with an estimated annual capacity of 300,000 tonnes on a single-shift basis.

Kane Walsh, Pedersen Group’s general manager of operations, said having the debarker at Northport would help reduce traffic movements and create time savings for exporters. It also reduces the fumigation load at the port.

Northport worked closely with C3 and Pedersen Group to develop the infrastructure for the debarking operation. This included a new, upgraded transformer, water and electrical connections from the transformer to the debarker, and ancillary support.