Northland exports maritime skills training

August 25, 2023

Many will not know that Northport plays a role in training and skills development among port operators all around the country. Some of this is the result of a ship simulator and training facility we have established here. This replicates the environment on the bridge of a ship or tug and can be configured to simulate any port in New Zealand or anywhere else. It is used for a wide range of maritime training programmes involving pilots, tug-masters and local port service operators.

Earlier this year we used this facility to conduct two Local Port Service training courses for staff from Greater Wellington Regional Council. Then, this week, two of our staff travelled to Wellington to deliver follow-up training on Local Port Service procedures for staff from the Beacon Hill Local Port Service. The courses were centred on Wellington shipping operations and covered vessel traffic management procedures, emergency response, good watchkeeping and communication practices. Those who took part were extremely complementary about the relevance and focus of the training.