Forestry takes Northport Limited to record highs

Northport, the deep-water port at the mouth of Whangarei harbour, has posted record cargo volumes and ship movements for the year ending 30 June. Tonnage across the wharf grew by 13.5 percentover the previous year to 3.095 million revenue tonnes.


The port saw 253 ship calls, 38 more than the previous year. Occupancy of Northport’s existing berths is at a record 52.9 percent.


Logs and wood-chip comprise most of the cargo handled by Northport and a record 13 log exporters now use the facility. More logs were shipped from Northport in the year ending 30 June than ever before - 2.45 million jasm³, roughly 2.45 million tonnes, an increase of 23.7 percent on the previous year.


Inwards cargo continues as an important part of Northport’s business with 220,000 tonnes of fertiliser, gypsum, coal and palm kernel crossing its wharf in the year ending 30 June.


Northport is also expected to handle a large proportion of the materials needed for the construction of Refining NZ’s $365 million expansion project due for completion by 2016.


Growth in cargo volume has led to several infrastructural developments at the port. A fully paved and sealed log storage area has been expanded by three hectares and ‘bookends’ have been installed, enabling logs to be stacked higher. The total dedicated log storage area now totals 18 hectares, excluding roading, storm-water canals and wharf areas, allowing an estimated 245,000jasm³ (roughly 245,000 tonnes) of logs to be stored there.


Other developments have included upgrading the port security and harbour management control room, the security gates and the storm-water management system.


About Northport

Northport, situated at Marsden Point at the mouth of Whangarei Harbour, is New Zealand’s northernmost deep-water port. It is a flexible facility catering for large, multi-purpose vessels and full cargo handling facilities are available from its 570 metre linear berth.

Logs, woodchip and processed timber for export comprise the bulk of cargo processed by the port. Other export items include kiwifruit, dairy products, concrete railway sleepers and manufactured goods. Inwards cargo is an important part of Northport’s business and includes fertiliser, gypsum, coal and palm kernel.

The port is owned and operated by Northport Limited, itself owned jointly and equally by Northland Port Corporation (NZ) Ltd and the Port of Tauranga Ltd.

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