Port Access

Access to the facility is strictly controlled to meet Northport's obligations under the Maritime Security Act, Customs and Excise Act and Health and Safety at Work Act.  Only authorised personnel or vehicles may access the facility by land or sea.  Entry and exit is recorded via an electronic system or by signing in and out at the Port Services Centre. 

Prior to accessing the facility, ALL personnel must complete the Northport Health & Safety Primary Induction.  This can be done using:

  • The online system accessed through this website, see Online Induction
  • The online system set up at the Eastern Weighbridge Building accessible through the Port Services Centre (Gatehouse).

EVERYBODY entering the Northport facility:

  • must carry photo ID at all times e.g.: driving licence or passport;
  • must be doing so on port related business;
  • must be over 16 years of age;
  • accepts that they or their vehicle may be searched;
  • is subject to Northport’s drug and alcohol policy.  This includes, but is not limited to, random, post-incident or reasonable grounds testing.  See Health and Safety section for details. 

Access Cards

Port Users and personnel entering the port on a regular basis may apply for a port access card that provides electronic access to the facility.  All port users that do not have an access card must be signed in at the Port Services Centre.

To obtain an access card, the application form below must be fully completed.  Please read the terms and conditions carefully.  Please be aware that the application will be subject to a security check and the application can be refused.

Completed application forms should be submitted along with current photo ID and electronic photo to  


All visitors or contractors are also subject to the criteria listed above for access to the facility, including completion of the Northport Health and Safety Induction.  They must be booked in by a Port User Company or Northport Limited personnel and sign in and sign out through the Port Services Centre every time they enter or leave the facility.

3 Strikes Policy

Northport has the goal of achieving zero harm throughout the Port Facility.  The purpose of Northport's Three Strikes Policy is to reinforce the expected safe and compliant behaviours of all personnel at the Northport Facility.

Vehicle Access

Personnel who require regular vehicle access to the port must fully complete a Vehicle Access Form.  All users are given a copy of the current Traffic Management Plan and Driver Induction Notice.

All vehicles entering the Port require a flashing light - these must be supplied by the individual or Port User Company.


Approved Access Sticker Rules

Northport has an 'approved access sticker system' to control vehicle access to various areas within the facility and minimise the amount of traffic in the log yard and on the berths.


Approved GANTRY access users

Northport provides gantries for use, to Logging Transport users only. Western gantry has an SWL of 8T and Eastern gantry has an SWL of 10T.  To have access to these gantries, an application for use must be made via the below link.